Dales Life

The Yorkshire Dales National Park YDNP was opened 16th November 1954 and now has over 841 sq miles of sheer gorgeousness, approx. 5,300 miles of drystone wall with an estimated 600,00 sheep. Attracts over 8 million visitors a year, 60,000 people work & live in the Dales, 20,000 people work in the Dales.


Spring: March to May

Summer: June to August

Autumn: September to November

Winter: December to February

If you would like to use any of my photographs, please email me with your request. I would be delighted to forward you any of the photographs in a larger file format, if available. All I ask for in return is for a simple credit to: www.jrichards.info Regards Jason

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Jason Photographs 3 Mill Hill Cottages, Masham, North Yorks. HG4 4BP